Taiwan Itinerary for 2nd-Timers

By Angel Macaraig - Friday, April 17, 2020

There are so many reasons to go back to Taiwan — of course, on top of my head is FOOD! The first time my fiance and I went there was for our 5th anniversary last 2018. Our 5D4N itinerary back then mostly includes mainstream tourist destinations such as Taipei 101, Chiang Kai-shek, Jiufen, Shifen, to name a few. After a year, we decided to celebrate our 6th anniversary again in Taiwan. Since it was our second time already, we opted for less mainstream tourist destinations. If you're a non-first timer in this country, and just wanted a laidback vibe and relaxed pace, maybe this itinerary will work for you.

Since I made separate articles already for most of the major destinations, appropriate links will also be shared on this post for further reference.

Day 1: MNL to TPE (next day arrival)

πŸ“ NAIA to Taoyuan International Airport 
πŸ“Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main to Ximending (via bus if arrival is past midnight)
πŸ“ Check-in at Airbnb (refer to the last section of the article for details of the Airbnb)
πŸ“ Rest/ sleep, wake up before lunchtime

Day 2: Houtong Cat Village

πŸ“Lunch: Ramen Place at Ximending 

Sorry, I don't know the English name of the restaurant. Just read the Chinese characters in the pic, if you can. πŸ˜„

πŸ“Houtong Cat Village - refer to this article for details: Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan.

πŸ“Dinner: Chou Chao Tzu, Ximending

Day 3: Wulai

πŸ“ Breakfast: Hot Star, Ximending

πŸ“ Wulai - refer to this article for details: Day Trip to Wulai

Wulai Destinations:
    > Wulai Suspension Bridge    
    > Wulai Old Street    
    > Wulai Waterfall

πŸ“ Buy Pineapple Cakes (as pasalubong) at Ruyi Sunny Cake

πŸ“ Dinner: Unlimited Hotpot (Ximending)

Our original plan was to try Mala Hotpot, but we forgot to place a reservation. We looked for an alternative unli-hotpot place instead, and we found this...

Sorry, I don't know the English name of the restaurant. If you can read Chinese characters, please refer to the below photo.

Price: 519 NTD for lunch time, 609 NTD for dinner time, 259 NTD for 150cm below

Ready to eat!!

Day 4: Tamsui

πŸ“ Breakfast: UDE Cafe Bistro, Ximending

πŸ“ Take a photo at the pedestrian crossing near Ximen Station, Exit 6

πŸ“ Tamsui Day Tour

Tamsui Destinations:
    > Tamsui Old Street
    > Tamsui River
    > Tamsui Presbyterian Church
    > Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf and Lover's Bridge

Refer to this article for details: Trip to Tamsui — The Heart of Taipei 

πŸ“ Dinner at Tamsui 

πŸ“ Buy Xing Fu Tang Milk Tea at Ximending before heading back to Airbnb

Xing Fu Tang MT (Taipei) tastes way better compared to Xing Fu Tang MT (Philippines). I thought I wouldn't be able to try this in Taipei because the line was too long (refer to the left pic below). Good thing we accidentally saw their smaller stall at Ximending (refer to the right pic below) with fewer customers.

Day 5: TPE to MNL

πŸ“ Ximending to Taoyuan International Airport (via MRT)
πŸ“ Taoyuan International Airport to NAIA 

Our tired but happy faces. Time to go home!

Accommodation (Airbnb)

We had the following major considerations when we booked our accommodation:

- The location must be in Ximending (since we find this really accessible)
- With self-check-in (to avoid hassle since our arrival time was past midnight)

Airbnb: Cozy-Day 9F -3@Ximen Mrt (Hosted by Isaac)
Price per night: Around Php 1700

My review (same review I posted via Airbnb app):

"Location of the unit is very accessible   just a few minutes walk to Ximen/ Beimen station. The place is very clean... We were comfortable during our stay. The unit owners were also responsive   we didn't encounter any problems, communication-wise. 

We arrived late in Taipei. Good thing self-check-in is possible. Highly recommend this place."

Hope you find this itinerary interesting and useful. This will probably be my last post for our Taiwan trip, unless we visit this country again. I really hope to be back soon!

Photo Credits: Peter Jan Icogo

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