Day Trip to Wulai, Taiwan

By Angel Macaraig - Saturday, November 23, 2019

It was probably our first time flying out of the country a bit unprepared — impulsive booking of flight tickets, no clear itinerary, and plans, no anything but ourselves, our passports and luggage! πŸ˜‚ It was our 2nd time already in Taiwan, hence, the confidence to travel unprepared. As for the places we planned to visit, on top of my head was Wulai — a highly recommended tourist destination by a Taiwanese friend. Wulai is a mountain village famous for its waterfall, aboriginal culture, and hot springs. 
Day Trip to Wulai, Taiwan

Trusting my friend's recommendation, Wulai did not disappoint. We just wanted a relaxing and laidback vibe for this trip, and Wulai, for me, was the perfect destination...

How to get there

1. Ride the MRT to Xindian Station — this is the southern terminus of Green Line (download the Taipei MRT app for guidance) 
2. Outside the station, catch Bus No. 849 to Wulai which will take around 40-min travel time. Bus 849 comes every 15 minutes. 
Note: Wulai is the last station

Kunwaring candid shot. MRT ride to Xindian Station
Here's the bus station where you can wait for Bus 849

Bus ride to Wulai! Naka-tayo nga lang, sanay naman tayo dito, guys!

PJ flexing his Cardo Dalisay jacket, LOL

What to Do in Wulai

1. Wulai Suspension Bridge

Upon arriving at Wulai station, the first thing we saw was the Wulai Suspension Bridge. We walked towards the bridge and captured this beautiful view of Wulai (referring to the cover photo of this article).

Wulai Suspension Bridge

Solo shot at Wulai Suspension Bridge

2. Wulai Old Street

I remember we had a hefty meal before going to Wulai, but since "food is life", kain lang ng kain, guys!
Wulai Old Street
Squid, Wild Boar, Spinach, Bamboo Rice

Ice cream

3. Wulai Waterfall

After pigging out, we crossed this bridge at the southern end of Wulai Old Street. To get to Wulai Waterfall, we followed the road along the river (roughly 1.6km distance), which took us around 20 minutes to walk.  

The bridge — though this was taken on our way back to Wulai Old Street (coming from Wulai Waterfall)

If you don't like to walk the 1.6km trail, you have the option to ride the Wulai Log Cart.
For us, 1.6km is tolerable, so we didn't choose this option. It saved us 100 NTD/ head (round trip), yey!
For a person who doesn't like to walk long distances, I surprisingly found this 1.6km walk relaxing - weather/ temperature is perfect, view was so nice, etc. 
Wulai Waterfall!
Ta-da! This photo gives this gem no justice!! The waterfall was beyond beautiful!
There's a cafe in Wulai with a perfect view of the waterfall!
The best spot was the outside area of the cafe. Damn, look at this view!
Coffee + this scenic view! Heavennnlyyyyy!

Couldn't let this day pass without taking a photo of us with Wulai Waterfall at the background
I want to live here, LOL!
Saw this cutie. Hello there, Cotton. Play with me, please!

More photos with this cutie cotton baby!
Love, love!

We spent the rest of the day here, relaxing at the cafe. We went back to Wulai Old Street to eat again before we head back to Taipei. I wasn't feeling well during our trip, hence, we were not able to fully maximize this tour. If you still have more time, here are the other places you can visit at Wulai: Wulai Atayal Museum, Wulai Hotspring, Neidong Forest Recreation Area, etc.

Wulai Station:
To get back to Taipei, wait for Bus 849 at the same station where you were dropped off
Ending this article with this photo... It's our signature travel pose! :D

Thank you Wulai for this experience. I'll be posting my itinerary soon. Please watch out for it, guys! 

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