Experience the Healthy, Safe and Sweet Goodness! #GoAussieOrangesNow

By Angel Macaraig - Monday, September 12, 2016

The zesty and refreshing scent of oranges brightens up every breakfast table, paving the way for an enticing road to a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. Whether you're drinking it, having it mixed with greens, on the side or even as a dessert or snack - the important thing is to have it fresh.

But do you know exactly what oranges can do for you?

Experience the Healthy, Safe and Sweet Goodness!

Oranges can support your immune system

Oranges contain antioxidants that can support your immune system and keep it healthy. It's also known to fight off free radicals and is even believed to be able to keep cancer at bay.

Oranges can keep you looking and feeling young

Being extremely rich in super antioxidants, oranges can help slow down the ageing process and cub imminent degenerative diseases.

Oranges can keep your heart healthy

A single orange is packed with a potent bundle of heart-healthy nutrients. It has folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants that help protect the heart. In addition, it has the ability to lower your blood pressure, which helps protect you from stroke and cardiac arrhythmias.

Oranges help you maintain a balanced diet

Here's your all-natural cure to hunger pangs and snacking. Oranges ward off snack cravings and help keep you feeling full longer with its low GI and high fiber. This superfruit is also known to have low sodium and high water content.

But not all oranges are made equal. The best ones are of course, sweet and delicious, untreated and fungicide-free while still being able to offer all the above benefits. Australian Oranges are guaranteed to be healthy, safe, and sweet. #GoAussieOrangesNow and see the difference.

Aussie Oranges Photos

Was so excited when I received this bag of oranges! <3

Carry a smile today, a friendly reminder from Aussie Oranges!

Close shot of the Aussie Orange!

Aussie Oranges Video

Thank you Australian Oranges! 

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