4D3N South Cebu Adventure Itinerary and Budget (Php 8K)

By Angel Macaraig - Saturday, November 26, 2016

I must say that my recent South Cebu trip was one of my best travel experiences here in the Philippines. I even doubted myself if I would be able to survive our jam-packed itinerary. But hey, I'm proud to say that WE DID IT. 

4D3N South Cebu Adventure Itinerary and Budget (Php 8K)

Initially, my friends and I wanted a DIY itinerary, but after finalizing everything (including the budget estimates), we decided to avail the package offered to us by Pareng Jojo (Fernan Toledo) for convenience sake! The price difference is just little, anyway. :)

*Note: I'll be publishing separate blog posts for each destination/ activity. Please watch out for it. :)


Day 1: Moalboal Island Hopping
Pescador Island
Turtle Sanctuary
Sardines Watching

Day 2: Oslob 
Alegria Heritage Park
Whale Shark Watching
Sumilon Island
Tumalog Falls
Oslob Cuartel
Osmena Peak

Day 3: Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls

Day 4: Simala Church

The 4500 package is inclusive of the tour (refer to the list above, except Day 4: Simala Church) + 1 night FREE accommodation at Rosita's Cottages. We spent around Php 8000 for everything. You may download the detailed itinerary + budget breakdown here (Click here!)

Hope this helps! :)

4D3N South Cebu Adventure Video

Our Tour Guide, Pareng Jojo

our tour guide, pareng jojo

I would definitely recommend our tour guide Pareng Jojo (Fernan Toledo) for his EXCELLENT service. Most of our photos were taken by him btw.. So credits to you, Pareng Jojo. 

He helped us made our South Cebu experience the best! Thank you very much! You may reach him through this contact no.: 0926-226 4400

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