Smart Driving School Review

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Part of my 2016 check list is to learn how to drive a car. I initially thought of asking my dad to teach me, but hellooooo, I don't wanna end up getting scolded for not being able to pick up his instructions instantly (peace, daddy! haha!). 

I chose Smart driving school because they offer very affordable rates (compared to their competitors). Plus, I've read a lot of good feedback about them. 

Pre-driving Seminar

5-Day Driving Lessons Worth Php2200

I availed Smart's Php2200 package which is inclusive of the following services:
- Pre-driving seminar 
- 5-day driving lessons (1hr per session)
- Advanced Orientation - BPMSH
- Defensive Driving Seminar

They said that this particular course is not advisable for beginners because they should take up at least 10-15 (2-hr) driving sessions. Being the kuripot that I am, I still availed the Php 2200 package. Besides, I'm a fast learner (charot!). 

If you're not satisfied with the no. of sessions, you can eventually extend it by availing another Php2200 package. That you'll have to assess after you finish the first 5 sessions. :)

5-day Driving Lessons

5-day driving lessons

First Day Lesson:
1. Smart standard procedures
- Door lock and windows
- Right sitting position
- Starting of engine
- Adjustment of mirrors
- Wearing of seatbelt
2. Starting of engine
3. Proper handling and controlling fo the steering wheel
4. Proper user of signal lights and horn
5. Name and userof pedals (clutch, brake, gas/accelerator)

Second Day Lesson
1. Smart standard procedures
2. Review starting and stopping procedures
3. Review left and right turning
4. Controlling of steering whel
5. Proper changing of gears

Third Day Lesson
Second Day Lesson
1. Smart standard procedures
2. Review starting and stopping procedures
3. Review left and right turning
4. Controlling of steering whel
5. Proper changing of gears
6. Crossing on intersection
7. Hanging procedure
8. Backing procedure

Fourth Day Lesson
1. Smart standard procedures
2. Maneuvering procedures (u-turn, 2pt turn or y-turn, 3pt turn or k-turn)
3. Parking procedures (diagonal, horizontal/perpendicular and parallel)

Fifth Day Lesson
1. Smart standard procedures
2. Highway driving
3. Crossing and turning at interesections
4. Review changing of gears from lower to higher and vice versa
5. Blowfatch
6. Driving assessment and recommendations



5-day driving lessons: It's true that the 5-day 1-hr driving session is not enough. I did not regret availing the budget-friendly package though because I don't wanna spend few more dimes for it. I asked my father afterwards to help me practice my driving instead. I guess that should suffice.

Smart Driving School's instructors: I'm really happy with their service. My instructors were so patient whenever I commit a mistake. As much as possible, they taught me everything I have to know that's aligned with their lesson plan.

- Affordable
- Good instructors
- The cars I used seemed to be well-maintained

- Need to pay an extra amount if you want a particular instructor to teach you all throughout. Otherwise, the assigned instructor will depend on your schedule
- 1-hr per session is too short: if you have extra budget, go for the 2-hr per session package.

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