5D4N Taiwan Itinerary and Budget

By Angel Macaraig - Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ever since Taiwan granted a trial visa-free program for Philippines last 2017 (which got extended until July 2019), it has become a popular tourist destination for Filipinos. During our recently concluded Taiwan trip, Filipinos were literally everywhere!

PJ & I went there to celebrate our 5th anniversary, and it was such a memorable trip! I actively posted pictures on my FB & IG accounts, and a lot of my friends sent me personal messages, requesting for our itinerary. I initially shared my planned itinerary on my blog (Preparing for our Taiwan Trip), but would recommend you to follow the updated itinerary instead. Head over to the end of this article for our updated itinerary.

I've made several adjustments with my original itinerary:

1. For Day 2, we cancelled our Beitou tour, and moved some of our activities from Day 3 to Day 2. Realized that Day 3 activities were too tight, I wouldn't want to miss Taipei 101 & Elephant Mountain, in case we don't finish our first two activities on Day 3 (Taipei Zoo & Maokong Gondola). These two activities will take one whole day. 
2. We originally planned to visit different night markets for dinner, but ended up visiting Shilin Night Market only. The rest of the nights, we tried different special restaurants in Taipei. 
3. We were not able to go to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall due to time constraints. After visiting Longshan Temple and Chiang Kai-shek, we already headed straight to Taipei 101 & Elephant Mountain.

Updated Itinerary

Day 1: Manila to Taipei - National Palace Museum - Shilin Night Market

πŸ“ Travel from NAIA to Taoyuan International Airport
πŸ“ Lunch at Haw Pin (Taipei City Mall, Taipei Main Station)
πŸ“ Check-in at Hotel (One Plus One Hotel, Ximending)
πŸ“ National Palace Museum
πŸ“ Dinner at Shilin Night Market

Day 2: Longshan Temple - Chiang Kai-Shek - Taipei 101 - Elephant Mountain

πŸ“ Breakfast at Ximending
πŸ“ Longshan Temple
πŸ“ Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
πŸ“ Lunch at Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101
πŸ“ Taipei 101 Observatory
πŸ“ Elephant Mountain
πŸ“ Dinner at Shang He Tin, Ximending (Roast Meat & Hot Pot)

Day 3: Taipei Zoo - Maokong Gondola

πŸ“ Breakfast at Hot Star, Ximending
πŸ“ Taipei Zoo
πŸ“ Lunch at Panda Cafe, Taipei Zoo
πŸ“ Ride Maokong Gondola to Maokong Station
πŸ“ Maolan Tea House (Maokong)
πŸ“ Dinner at Ding Wang Hotpot (Songshan District)

Day 4: Northern Coast Tour (Yehliu - Yinyang - Golden Waterfall - Jiufen - Shifen)

πŸ“ Breakfast at Dante Cafe (near GaKuDen Bakery and exit 4 of Ximen Station)
πŸ“ Meet up at GaKuDen Bakery for Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen Shuttle Bus Tour
πŸ“ Yehliu Geopark
πŸ“ Ying Yang Sea
πŸ“ Golden Watefall
πŸ“ Jiufen
πŸ“ Lunch at Jiufen
πŸ“ Shifen Waterfall
πŸ“ Shifen Old Street (Sky Lantern Experience)
πŸ“ Return to GaKuDen Bakery
πŸ“ Dinner at Modern Toiler, Ximending
πŸ“ Shopping at Ximending

Day 5: Taipei to Manila

For detailed itinerary & budget, please download it here: Taiwan 2018 Itinerary and Budget - Updated

Please also make sure to download the Taipei MRT app to easily navigate from one MRT station to another. I highly recommend Metro Taipei Subway app by Wu Quiping. It works even when offline. 
Google Maps will also be a big help!

I'll be sharing Taiwan Travel tips in my next blog entry. Please watch out for it.

Let me know your comments and suggestions in the comment section below! Xie Xie!

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