Taking a Break From Grad School

By Angel Macaraig - Saturday, October 20, 2018

The real reason why I took a semester off from graduate school is to have more time to prepare for my thesis. I am one semester away from finishing my MBA, and the pressure is so overwhelming. The previous two semesters were really exhausting. I didn't know what crossed my mind when I enrolled 12 units (equivalent to 4 subjects including STRAMA 😭). When you have a day job, it's recommended to take 2 to 3 subjects only. For the previous semester, I took up thesis writing 1, comprehensive exam and one specialization subject. Didn't know how I managed to survive, but yeah, I'm here, still alive and kicking!

Taking a Break From Grad School

I can say that taking a short break is good for both my physical and mental health. I took time to recover from stress and exhaustion. Of course, I also gave time for my social life (hello friends, I'm back)! Though in parallel, I still make sure that I have progress with my thesis.. 

So, why am I writing this blog entry?  I don't know. Maybe I just like to share how I've been maximizing this much-needed and well-deserved break! You may probably realize that you also need a break, and get an idea from this (but I can't guarantee that hahaha, so bahala kayo πŸ˜‚). 

1. Travel

I traveled to Davao, Iloilo, Guimaras and Cebu. Next week, I'll be off for another adventure. Yay, I'm excited, Taiwan! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to travel. I love discovering new places, and making lots of memories with my loved ones. 

Davao Trip with Family (June 2018)

Fammmm at Eden Nature Park, Davao!

Macaraig Girls at Eden Nature Park, Davao


With sissums at Samal Island

Samal Island

Iloilo - Guimaras Trip with PJ (July 2018)

Isla de Gigantes, Iloilo

With PJ
Batchoyyyyy (Netong's)

Shared my itinerary here: 4D3N Iloilo-Guimaras Tour

Cebu Trip (August 2018)

Virgin Island, Bantayan Cebu

Virgin Island, Bantayan Cebu

Virgin Island, Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan Cebu

Magellan's Cross

Sirao Garden

Huling hirit! Now, I'm busy preparing for my Taiwan trip next week.  

Bawi - bawi naman na sa lahat ng pagod! Though at some point, I felt tired travelling din! Sooo, next!

2. Spent time with family and friends

Highschool loves!

AA Girls

College Friends

With Marnelle & PJ

With Rizza & PJ



3. Binge-watch TV Series

I wasn't able to start right away with my thesis because I was too distracted with Meteor Garden! 

Photo Source: https://thekoreanlass.wordpress.com
Walang makakapigil! Watched Meteor Garden by the beach!

Closer look! haha!

So, what now? After my Taiwan trip, I have no choice but to face reality. Thesis, handa na ba kitang harapin? πŸ˜‚ Kakayanin! 

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