Panda World: My First Encounter With Pandas

By Angel Macaraig - Saturday, September 22, 2018

Of all the days I spent in South Korea, traveling solo, I felt loneliest at Everland. I realized that theme parks are meant to be visited with family or friends. It's actually weird to feel lonely in such a happy place. but for sure, it would have been a different story if I didn't go there alone.

Panda World: My First Encounter With Pandas

It was winter season that time, and Lotte World was probably the better option because it's an indoor theme park. Since my top priority was to see the giant pandas, I decided to go to Everland (so goodluck sa lamig!).

Everland is South Korea's largest outdoor theme park located in Yongin. Among the attractions, Panda World was my favorite! Hence, the blog post. 

About to enter Panda World! I was so excited!!
My feeling vlogger moment while walking my way to Panda World's Entrance. Excuse my nostrils, di talaga pantay yan.

This short video clip welcomed the Panda World visitors!

Welcome to Panda World!
About the same height?

I wanted to try the Smile Battle but I had no opponent haha!

Friendly reminder: Please keep calm when you meet the Panda!

Pandaaaa!! Not sure which one is Ai Bao or Lei Bao

Wakeeee up baby!!!

Bought this panda headband and wore it during my entire stay at Everland!! 

I am so happy to see these beautiful & adorable creatures! When I go back to Everland, I hope Ai Bao and Lei Bao aren't asleep! Thank you Panda World for the memorable experience!

I'll be back for sure to enjoy the other attractions. That time, I wasn't really in the mood for extreme adventures, so I skipped most of the rides (except the Carousel, haha what a loser!). 

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