My 28th Birthday

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, April 26, 2020

Throwing a big party for my birthday is not my thing. I usually celebrate it in small separate groups — simple lunch/ dinner date with family, birthday salubong with PJ, dinner & sangria night with my core friends. For my 28th birthday, I wanted it to be special because it's my last birthday as a single woman. Yes, I'm getting married late this year, if the situation will permit though 😞. But since we're on quarantine due to COVID-19, I had no choice but to ditch my initial plan and just have a simple celebration at home! πŸ˜ƒ

I'm writing about my 28th birthday because I want to remember this moment. It may have felt like the weirdest birthday ever (i.e., quarantine birthday), but I am grateful and blessed to have spent this special day with my family. 

Birthday Salubong

PJ got me an ice cream cake from DQ & a long stem rose which he picked directly from my dad's mini garden, LOL! Don't worry, he asked for my dad's permission (hahaha)! Thank you, PJ! Appreciate it!


I started my day by ordering my favorite Tim Hortons Iced Coffee via LalaFood. It's one of the simple things that I wanted for my birthday. I even deprived myself for 1 week so that I'll get excited to drink this on my birthday! LOL

Since I have a lot of time to kill, I decided to be pretty on my birthday (haha excuse my GGSS moment). I did my own make-up, and I think it didn't look so bad! πŸ˜ƒ

Samgyup Party

A friend recommended me "Yoos Korean Meat Grocery, Korean BBQ Ortigas" for my Samgyupsal cravings. Transacting with this store was relatively easy! I just made my order online thru their Facebook page, and they delivered the Korean goods on time! The ready-to-cook pork/beef and kimchi tasted really good. Although the lettuce was not delivered fresh, I still highly recommend this store. πŸ˜ƒ

Playtime with my niece...

Capped off the day by watching a new K-drama "Welcome to Waikiki"

Thank you to everyone for the warm birthday greetings. Thank you to my fam for the handa! Most especially, thank you, Lord for all the blessings! With what's currently happening now, I am beyond grateful that my family and friends are all safe and healthy! Happy 28th birthday to meeeee! ❤️

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