Shifen Old Street Sky Lantern Experience

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, June 02, 2019

So far, our 5th anniversary trip in Taiwan last year is our favorite! During our last day, we toured the northern coast of Taiwan, which includes Shifen. To complete the experience, we let our wishes fly at Shifen Old Street. We had a very hectic tour that day, and this was the best way to cap it off!

The Northen Coast tour includes the following destinations: Yehliu, Yinyang, Golden Waterfall, Jiufen & Shifen. For convenience, we availed a package tour from Klook. Our last destination was the Shifen Old Street.

Shifen Old Street Sky Lantern Experience (Orange = Love)

The price of the lantern varies depending on the color. Our lantern costs 200 NTD 'coz we got four colors. Each color represents a meaning (e.g., orange = love, family; red = family/ health; yellow = money; and blue = career/ business). But really, just write whatever you want! haha!

Blue = Business/ Career

Yellow = Money!

Red = Family/ Health

This signature pose started on this trip!


Woot! Another one for the books! Really, I miss you Taiwan! Hope we can come back soon!

If you're planning to visit Taiwan, please check our Taiwan itinerary here.

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