Buti Hindi Ako Tinamad Pumuntang Makati: The Story of Our Engagement

By Angel Macaraig - Friday, July 26, 2019

It was quite a busy first half of the year. A lot has happened in my life  received unexpected blessings, overcame some life challenges, etcetera. To sum it all up, it was a very blissful half-year for me & my family. I'm excited to share each life happening here on my blog, and I'll start with our engagement! I know it's a bit late to write about it since this happened 5 months ago, but I'll share it anyway. 😊

Buti Hindi Ako Tinamad Pumuntang Makati: The Story of Our Engagement

When you're in your late 20s and already in a long term relationship, people tend to pressure you about getting married. "Kailan niyo na plan?", "Nag-propose na ba?", "Ano na?", "Tumatanda ka na", "Bahala ka, baka mahirapan ka na mag ka-anak", bla bla! Ano ba, ako na ba mag-propose? Haha, joke! Although I didn't really get pressured naman since PJ & I openly discuss about these things. And to add, I was also too busy with work & grad school that time  had no luxury of time to entertain additional pressure in my life, 'coz I already had enough of it LOL! So anyway, it happened last Feb. 12, 2019!

The Proposal

Most of my friends assumed that PJ will propose to me during our Taiwan trip last October 2018. Grabe the pressure, di ba? Mga expectation ng friends! Haha, so anyway, it didn't happen in Taiwan. It just happened on a very unexpected day. 

One day, PJ asked me to accompany him in an exclusive unboxing session with a brand for a new smartphone that will be featured in GIZGUIDE. Not sure why PJ chose Makati as location, eh he knows naman that if it's Makati, tinatamad ako. Had second thoughts of attending the unboxing session... In my mind, I'd rather go home straight from work and rest. But anyway, I braved the traffic and still went to Makati. 

Unboxing Session Kuno!

Arrived late in Mireo at Raffles Makati. Their smartphone unboxing session happened. While they were doing their thing, I just made myself busy by eating steak and catching up with the girls. After the unboxing sesh, they wanted to take a look at the rooftop bar. So we went there, and the proposal happened. After all, it was really an unboxing session. But this time, PJ unboxed an engagement ring. 

Thanks Mireo for the cake!

At first, I really felt nervous with PJ's proposal. Not used to being the center of attention that's why I was just speechless. It was a very happy moment for both of us. Our families also arrived in the location to celebrate with us. 

Macaraig Fam

Icogo Fam

I'd like to thank everyone who helped PJ surprised me that day. It's not easy to surprise me, but this one, I can say, was successful.  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ To PJ (ayan na cheesy na), wala akong message. Heart πŸ’– na lang!

My "Kaya Pala" Moments After the Proposal

1. Kaya pala yung isang friend ko, mga two to three times nag-message sa'akin ng "see you bukas/ later, Angel ah". Sobrang pag monitor rin if nasaan na ako. Medyo unusual!

2. Kaya pala sa bahay, sabi ni mommy, "kumain na sa labas bago umuwe, kasi walang pagkain". Natapon raw ng kasambahay namin yung food. K! haha

3. Kaya pala, unusual na tinanong ako ni daddy anong oras ako uuwe. Usually, di naman na ako minomonitor.

Ang daming paandar, just to make sure na di ako tatamarin. All I can say is, buti na lang hindi ako tinamad pumuntang Makati! The end! 😁

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