Thank you, 2021!

By Angel Macaraig - Saturday, January 01, 2022

Like the past years, I’d like to bid 2021 goodbye with a happy and grateful heart.

Thank you, 2021… or rather, Thank you, Lord…

For the challenges and struggles that made me stronger… a lot stronger than I was the past few years! Last year, I made the best effort to face my fears and anxieties. It has been a continuous struggle and battle, but I know I’ve come a long way!

For all the opportunities and blessings! We have been really blessed in most aspects, more than how much we think we deserved.

For the missed chances that led us to better opportunities. Indeed, your plans are always the best!

For good health! It was the start of the year 2021 when PJ and I prioritized our health. We had frequented the hospital and took the necessary lab tests to ensure that we are both in good shape. Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe from the coronavirus and other illnesses. 

For family and friends. I think I wouldn’t survive life without them, my strong support system.

For our future home. It was pure hard work and prayers. I couldn’t believe that this long-time dream/goal has manifested already. We can’t wait for the turnover next month (hopefully).

For leading us to the CFC community — a great stepping stone to nourish, enrich, and grow our faith. As a married couple, we enjoyed attending the household sessions — a solemn time to worship and pray together with the other household members. 

For the greatest blessing, our baby (coming this 2022). We have been praying for this since we got married. Although it took a little while for this blessing to arrive, we trust in God’s perfect timing. 

LOL, baby bump!

WE ARE NOTHING BUT GRATEFUL. ❤️ Let’s all claim that 2022 will be a better year for everyone — a year for healing and more opportunities. God bless us all!

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