K-drama: Prison Playbook

By Angel Macaraig - Friday, September 17, 2021

I have been a k-drama fan since 2016! ❤️ It’s my way of relaxation after a hectic day at work, especially now this pandemic that I’m always at home. I just recently finished Prison Playbook, and it easily made it to my list of Top Korean Dramas. If I have more time, I’ll update my K-drama recommendations article posted here on my blog (haha, I know it’s outdated already).

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This 2017 Korean drama revolves around the lives of prisoners behind bars, their families, and staff at the prison. The main protagonist of this series is Kim Je-Hyuk (portrayed by Park Hae Soo), a superstar baseball player who is convicted of assault. 

As a long-time k-drama fan, at some point, I struggled at choosing which next series to watch. I gave Prison Playbook a try since it is highly recommended by my friends. What also prompted me to watch this series is that it was directed by the same director of Reply 1988. If you haven’t watched it, please do! ❤️

My verdict? It’s 5 out of 5! “Bakit ngayon ko lang ito pinanood?” I soooooooo love this series. Since it’s a story about prison life, I initially thought the series would be too violent and dark. It’s wonderful how they were able to depict this type of story in a funny way. I would also praise the character development and the scriptwriting. I think I’m having sepanx to each of the notable characters. How to move on from this series?

Line/s that struck me?

That's right. Bad people live in prison. But everyone commits a bad act at least once. I help people denounce their crime and repent. That's what we do. - Lt. Paeng, Episode 16.

It's true that all of us commit a bad act at least once in our life. What's important is that we repent, learn from our mistakes, and do something to change our behavior (before it's too late). I also learned from this series that we shouldn't judge people easily. We don't know, maybe they are also victims of the circumstance.

It's definitely a must-watch! I think it took me three weeks to finish this series. It took me longer than usual. It made me look forward to bedtime (my usual k-drama “me” time schedule) as it was so entertaining to watch. Thanks, Prison Playbook! Thank you for the life lessons! 

Next on my list? Maybe, Hospital Playlist? Let’s see! ❤️

Disclaimer: I'm no expert in reviewing movies/series. Just wanted to share my personal thoughts about this drama.

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