Journal 1: Monday SL

By Angel Macaraig - Monday, August 16, 2021

I used to have my physical journal back in high school and early days of college wherein I scribbled random notes and daily life happenings. Halfway through college, I even put up an online site – I think it was a Blogspot site but I already forgot the link and login credentials. Probably, it’s no longer up though.


I recently saw a friend’s IG story about her journal, and I was inspired to go back to writing journal entries. In 2013, was born. My intent was to share food, travel, k-drama stuff, and life happenings, but since I got busy with graduate studies a few years ago, and when the pandemic happened last year, I got really uninspired to write. 

Today, I decided to write my first journal entry at my blog with a really random and uninteresting topic. 😂 When I started my professional career, I used to feel uneasy about taking Sick Leaves. As I got a little older, I learned how to listen to my body and prioritize my health above anything else. Last Saturday, I had my anti-pneumonia and flu vaccines – they were administered by my doctor for added protection from this pandemic. I didn’t feel the side effects up until last night – intense pain in both upper arms, headache, and fever. Taking a sick leave today to recover. And it’s okay! Time to set my OOO notif and sleep again. Headache's really bad (plus the body pain). Hoping to feel better soon. ❤️

Happy Monday!

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