Canyoneering in South Cebu

By Angel Macaraig - Tuesday, January 02, 2018

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, we had a jam packed South Cebu itinerary last November 2016. In fact, I haven't blogged about everything yet. They say that the most memorable experiences are the most difficult to document (LOL, I know right! excuses?). So after one year and two months, I am finally now writing about it.

Canyoneering in South Cebu

Anyway, I've compiled our Canyoneering experience in a video (please see last part of this article). This is definitely one of my favorite adventures. To my AA girls, ano na, kailan na next adventure? 2016 pa 'to. :D 

Our canyoneering activity was scheduled on our 3rd day. Wake up call is early, because Kuya Jojo told us the the whole activity will take around 4 to 6 hours, depending on our pacing. Since we are AA (arte arte) in nature, guess how long it took us to finish the whole course?? 8 hours, yes E-I-G-H-T LOOOOONG HOURS... Our legs were already numb, we can't even walk straight after the canyoneering activity. LOL. 

Photo before our canyoneering activity :D

It was really a test of friendship... "You jump, I jump" ang linyahan LOL. And me, whom both of my girl friends thought was the bravest, not even once jumped first HAHAHA. Thanks, P for leading the way! hahahaha!

Tatalon or magpi-picture? :D
Picture picture na lang beshies!

Solo shot!

One of the best things when travelling is when you get to meet new people. We met two people from Mindanao. We shared stories about Manila (e.g. sobrang traffic, ang polusyon grabehan, rant, rant, jokeee), then they shared things about their respective hometowns. 

Hi there guys! :D
More more photos below...

Wow, mukhang adventurous!
Sakit ulo shot!


Love you girls!

Swim, swim!

Sakit hita, tuhod and balakang pose!

Kawasan falls!

Massage time @ Kawasan Falls!


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