Road to MBA: Full-time Employee, Full-Time Student

By Angel Macaraig - Thursday, December 28, 2017

On my 4th semester at MBA grad school, I made a brave (wow?) decision to become a full-time employee and full-time student by enrolling 4 subjects... For those employed, it's advisable to enroll maximum of 3 subjects per sem only. But because I'm in a hurry to finish my MBA (kasi medyo pagod na ako, chos!), I arrived to this decision, which my fellow grad school students would describe as a "suicide mission"!


Last sem I took up four subjects: Financial Management, Strategic Management (yes, sinabay ko pa talaga to), Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship and Capital Venture. My class schedules were Wed and Fri, 6-9PM, and Sat 2-8PM. My work schedule is normally 8AM–5PM or 9AM-6PM. I didn't know how I managed to survive.. Uhm, yeah, oh well! haha Nakatatlong beses lang naman akong nilagnat, sipon and ubo, the entire duration of my semester. Hahaha!

So, what are my realizations after this very tiring semester...

1. Being a full-time employee and full-time student at the same time is possible. But but but, expect to be haggard and restless. I can still remember those days when I was praying for this semester to end real soon. Nevertheless, I have no regrets. Four subjects down in one sem. Grabe, sobrang pagod lang talaga ako.

Four subjects!!

2. Time management is the key. Pero nahirapan talaga ako haha

3. Vitamins is your bestfriend! Pero nilagnat pa din ako eh lol.

4. ‎I had little sacrifices along the way... I was not able to attend some of our family gatherings, had less time with my loved ones, sort of gave up my Kdrama obsession, and I had no time for blogging as well :(

Well dito, muntek na namin di maattendan, but we made it!

5. I thought it wasn't that difficult (I told myself: time management lang yan), but believe me ANG HIRAP haha! Yeah, the struggle is real.

6. Jabee became my stomach's best friend (Note: This is not a sponsored post). Pero literal, I had no time to eat, takbuhan ng grad school students sa UST ang Jollibee Dapitan

Yay eating Jabee while in class!

7. Having a solid grad school buddy will lighten up everything. Yung tipong pag absent ka, may magsasabi sayong, "Got your back". Okaya, aayain kang mag-absent, kasi hello, oo nga, pwdeng naman magpahinga. :D


7. Lastly, I promised myself never to enroll four subjects again. #NeverAgain School is important but health is definitely importanter (hahhahaa!). In the coming semesters, I will be dealing with my compre and thesis, so wish me luck guys!! Looking forward to graduate soon (please naman!) I know these sacrifices are all worth it! Next semester, I'm so ready. :) 

P.S. May isa akong mababang grade, ang sakit! :(

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