Hostel Korea Original: Budget-friendly Accommodation for Solo Travelers

By Angel Macaraig - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Right after I received my South Korean visa, first thing that came into my mind was to book my accommodation. I had difficulty planning and preparing for my South Korea trip due to time constraints. Had no choice but to be well-prepared since it was a solo travel (doubted myself if I would be able to survive that 5-day solo trip), plus it was winter season (what to weaaaaaaaaar??! what to bring??).

Anyway, going back to the topic... A lot of blogs recommended to stay at the following districts in Seoul: Jongno-gu, Hongdae and Myeongdong. Ended up booking a private room at a hostel in Jongno-gu called Hostel Korea Original. Travellers may opt to book a dorm type of accommodation to save up, but since I was on a solo trip, I chose a private room for security purposes.

Hostel Korea Original
Photo Source: Traveloka

I first learned about Hostel Korea Original through Airbnb, but ended up booking at Traveloka since it offered me a cheaper rate at Php 811.21 per night (or Php 4,056.03 for 5 days). Good deal, isn't it?!!! Aside from its affordable rate, what made it a better deal is that it's situated near two subway stations (Sinseol-dong and DongMyo). 

Here's the small private room I rented for 5 days!
Traveloka Hotel Voucher 

Traveloka Receipt

Address & Contact Information

Address: Hostel Korea Original,  178-65,  Sungin-Dong,  Jongno-Gu,  Seoul,  Korea  

Korea Hostel Original Map
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How to get there from Incheon Airport?

*Note: The following information were provided by Hostel Korea Original to me via email.

By Bus

1. Go to the 1st Floor 5B airport bus stop.
2. Get on the 6002 bus.
3. Get off at DongMyo station (the next stop from Dongdaemun Market station).
4. Cross the street (on your left side) and Turn right.
5. Go straight and Turn left when you see the C-space Convenience Store.
6. Go straight then right turn at the second block (after 위드 미(With Me) convenience store.
7. Go straight until present Hostel Korea Original on your right.

By Metro

1.Take Incheon airtport line at the airport.
2.Then transfer to Line 1(navy color on the map) at Seoul station (Last stop of Airport line) which go to City hall (next station).
3.Get off at Sinseol-dong Station. Get out of Exit No 11. Then go straight till reach 정성약국 (a pharmacy) shop on the left.
4.Turn right and take the road located at the left side of Hillstate Apartment      Complex.(First Right street, 2 o’clock).
5.Walk along the road and make a left turn at the second block. 

By Taxi

(Please show the following instruction to the taxi driver)
서울시 종로구 숭인동 178-65
신설동로터리에서 동묘방향 오시다가 첫번째 신호등 전에 
우회전하신 후, 2시방향 아파트 왼쪽 나무심어진 길 따라 
오시다가 수정식당 지나 동미여관 다음 골목에서 좌회전
하시면 있습니다.
기사님, 수고 하셨습니다. 영수증 부탁 드립니다.

My experience: My situation was... I arrived in Seoul past midnight, I didn’t have Internet connection (wrong move, should have rented pocket wifi at the airport), and it was snowing. When I got off at Sinseol-dong station, I panicked because I can’t seem to follow the directions that I saved on my phone. I was so confused with the map, and the Koreans I approached weren’t that familiar with the place. Guess that was my lucky day, huh?? Lol, and after more than an hour of searching, I managed to locate it with the help of an Unnie!! Thank God. Well, that's how my first snow experience went! :))


  • Super affordable! 
  • Very accessible. It's situated near the subway and bus station
  • The room was clean
  • There are a lot of nearby restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores
  • 2 round pin adapter was provided for free (no need to buy one)
  • Pocket wifi rental cost was cheap (spent around 2000 KRW per day)
  • Hostel staff are friendly. The receptionists can speak in English
  • Hair blower/ dryer was also provided
  • I felt that the location was safe and secure


  • The hostel was a bit challenging to locate (at first)
  • The room was too small (but I'm totally okay with it). 
  • Common bathroom wasn't that clean, but it was tolerable. 
  • Towels provided don't smell good (good thing I always bring one every time I travel)
  • Hostel staff are not available 24/7
  • Free breakfast wasn't served early
  • They don't sell food in the hostel 


At its price point, I didn't make a big deal out of the cons I listed above. I think I just got what I paid for. :) For Php 811.21 per night, the hostel was pretty decent.

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