Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila, My First Fan Meet-and-Greet Experience

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, November 12, 2017

While I'm not over yet from last night's fan meet-and-greet of Park Hyung Sik entitled Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila, I'm gonna share with you our very kilig experience.. Waah!

Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila
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I used to watch Kdrama when I was younger (during full house, endless love days), but it was just recently when I got converted by DOTS and Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Since then, I started binge watching different Kdramas to the point that I rarely sleep on time anymore. Despite my busy schedule because of work and gradschool, amazingly, I still find time to watch Kdramas. Whenever I'm with my BFFs, we discuss nothing but Kdramas (and of course, we also talk about our respective main oppas. lol. By the way may main oppa is Lee Jong Suk, not PHS, sorry). I even find myself watching kdrama while driving (sakit sa ulo, because duh, nakasubtitle. And yeah, delikado)...

One of my faves is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I really fell in love with the story and the characters esp. Min Min and Bong Bong... It's super feel good... I was literally happy while watching it. Basta, PHS is really cute in the Kdrama, esp. the way he gets kilig with Bong Bong...

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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I wasn't really planning on attending Park Hyung Sik's fan meet-and-greet because the ticket is so expensive, and duh, I'm like the most kuripot person you'll ever meet. But when my friend invited me to attend the event, I got really so excited and ended up buying a gen ad ticket. Myghad, a gen ad ticket costs around 3,700 pesos!!!

Anyway, to sum it all up, the ticket is sooooo sulit! We were so kilig the whole event. Please check out our photos & video below. Hope you enjoy it. 

Before the event...

Before the event, we were so worried that we won't be able to make it on time. Our class that day was until 8pm (the event is at 7:30pm, gates opened at 5pm). Good thing our professor was very understanding... after our report, he allowed us to leave the class immediately. Yay yay!

We were excited to see Oppa PHS!

Selfie selfie while waiting...
Bought our headbands at Php 100

This was the best photo I can take. Seated far from the stage (balcony, left side)!

Trying to capture a photo with the stage at the bg, but failed.

More more selfie.



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