Indila Hotel, Station 2 Boracay Review (Php 2.5K Per Night)

By Angel Macaraig - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My partner and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in Boracay. Unlike our previous trips, we weren't able to plan our itinerary prior our flight. We only made sure to book our hotel so that we won't have problems with our accommodation when we arrive in Bora. I also didn't have much time to search for different hotels, and just trusted my friend's recommendation. We ended up booking a room at Indila Hotel, Station 2, and it did not disappoint us.

Indila Hotel
Source: Indila Boracay's Facebook page

My partner and I weren't really that picky when it comes to choosing a place to stay during our travels. We consider the following:
  • The location; place must be accessible
  • Security - since we always bring our laptops with us, security is top priority
  • Must be clean and comfortable
  • Of course, dapat affordable!! :)

How to get there

When you exit Caticlan port, you will see the tricycle terminal right away. Ride a trike going to Indila Hotel. You have two options: 
  • Special trip (Php 120) - trike driver will bring you straight to Indila
  • Regular trip (Php 20 per head) - you will have to ask the driver to drop you off at PCTV. From the drop off place, Indila is just 100 meters away (Refer to map for directions)
To save up, I suggest you choose the latter option. Anyway, it's just few minutes walk from PCTV. It wasn't that easy to locate Indila since their signage is too small, but trust me, you will get there. :) We managed to. 

Map from PCTV to Indila Hotel

Indila Hotel

It's not a problem with us even if Indila Hotel is not located at the beach front. The beach is just 200 meters away anyway. Super lapit lang, right?
Indila Hotel's Gate
Photo Source: Indila Boracay Facebook page
We were able to book the hotel's Superior King room priced at Php 2,500 only. I think that's so sulit already... You'll find our why in the next photos.

By the way, they required us to deposit 50% downpayment for the reservation. The other half was paid upon check-in. We were also required to deposit another Php 2000, which was returned upon check-out.

We stayed at room 302.

Super King Room.
Grabbed this photo from Indila because I wasn't able to take a good photo of it.

Included my shot anyway...

Other side of the room
Shameless mirror shot

The interior of the room is so nice! From the colors, layout, design to furniture. They even have a vault where we can securely store our valuable belongings such as gadgets, jewelries, etc.  

What else can I say:
  • Although breakfast is not yet included in the Php 2,500 rate, the hotel offers breakfast meal with price range around Php150 to Php 200
  • The bathroom has complete set of toiletries: shampoo, soap, tissue, towels, etc. They also have heater
  • According to my friend, all of their rooms have balconies. The view from there may not be that nice, but it's a nice area to share coffee or beer with friends
  • If you don't have itinerary yet, Indila's staff will gladly assist you. The staff gave as an idea of the rates of the activities, but we still decided to explore outside the hotel. We got a really good package since it's not peak season. I will share this on a separate post. Please watch out for it.
For Php 2,500, this is definitely a good deal! For more info, visit Indila Boracay's Facebook page. Booking of rooms can be done via FB Messenger or Agoda.

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