Hikari Pimple Spot Solution Review

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, June 11, 2017

We all hate pimples! Four years ago was the worst phase of my life. I had breakouts all over my face, and I was so depressed and hopeless. I had to consult a dermatologist, and take strong meds just to get rid of it. Luckily, after spending thousands of pesos, it worked for me (prayed for it every single day haha). 

Hikari Pimple Spot Solution Review

Even if I'm over that phase already, I still get breakouts from time to time. My immediate solution is always the pimple injection. It's so effective because it makes my pimples subside within 24-48 hours, isn't it amazing? When I don't have time to go to derma, my alternate solution is a pimple spot solution. I used to buy one from my dermatologist, but just recently, I was able to try another product from Hikari Whitening Solutions. Sharing my feedback below!!

Thanks Hikari for sending me your awesome products!

About Hikari Pimple Spot Solution

This pimple drying spot treatment will help reduce the size and redness of your pimples. This product will help shrink acne virtually overnight while you sleep.


Before bed (after cleansing, toning & moisturizing), dip a cotton swab into the powder particles at the bottom of the bottle. Apply a dab of this solution directly on the pimple. Do not rub in. Let it dry and rinse off in the morning. Do not shake the bottle. If contents get shaken during packing and delivery, place the bottle on a flat surface until the layers separate and the powder particles rest at the bottom. 


I must say that it's effective! After applying it on my pimple last night, it immediately subsided overnight. Tried it twice already and experienced the same results. I'd also like to highlight that the product smells good (this is something nice to know, especially when you're particular with the smell).

My pimple that subsided overnight!

Last night my pimple was a bit swollen and reddish, but as you can see on the photo above, it has subsided and just left a little mark. I haven't tried this though on big pimple or acne (and I really wish I won't have to deal with big breakouts soon LOL). 

Priced at Php 650, I would recommend it because first, it's very effective, and second, it's for long-term use already. I think this small bottle would last for 6 months to one year, depending on usage. 

Where to buy? Hikari products are available at Lazada, Watsons, SM Department Stores & Mercury Drug. Visit hikariwhitening.com for more info.

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