Sodam Buffet: Affordable Korean Goodness For Php 299 Only

By Angel Macaraig - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If you find yourself wanting to pig out on Korean dishes, you might wanna consider this seriously affordable restaurant located in San Juan city called Sodam! For as low as Php 299, you will already have access to their buffet table and eat whatever you can. "Wait, whaaaat, Php 299, are you serious?" Yes, I am SO-DAM serious. It's SO-DAM affordable, it's SO-DAM sulit, and it's SO-DAM delicious! :)

Sodam Restaurant
Sodam Restaurant
Sodam Restaurant is located at P. Guevarra St., near Wilson St. and just across Mentropointe Centre where Backyard Coffee is situated. Other landmarks include North Park and Everything at Steak. 

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Interior of Sodam
Inside Sodam Restaurant
Although the restaurant is small and often crowded, it's still comfortable enough to eat your food (well considering the price range also). I just hope that they would invest on exhaust machines to be installed parallel to the griller so that the place will be less smoky. Be prepared to smell like food as soon as you enter the resto. 

As I have mentioned above, it's often crowded in Sodam, especially on weekends, so better if you call ahead for reservation. Please take note also that the restaurant has limited parking space for customers (see photo above), but don't worry, there are parking spaces available nearby.

The Buffet Table

The buffet table has 3 sections: the main/side dishes table, bibimbap station and ice cream section. By the way, they also offer unlimited meat which will be served upon request. 

Buffet Table
Main/ Side Dishes Table
Bibimbap Station

Favorite Picks

Unlimited Meat
Top of the list is the UNLIMITED MEAT!!! I totally enjoyed eating this especially when it's near toasted.

Grilled Fork
While enjoying our meal, we had this corny joke. WE'RE GRILLING FORK!!

Korean Yakitori
Next is YAKITORI! I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed Eat Fresh' yakitori. It's a must try but I don't advise you to eat too much of it as you'll feel full immediately.

Buttered Potato
I'm a potato lover, so obviously it's part of my top picks.
Here's my first serving (and definitely not the last)
Chap Chae
Here's the second! Of course, a korean food trip wouldn't be complete if you don't eat Chap Chae.
Kim Chi
I love Kim Chi! <3
My Family At Sodam
Here's a photo of us enjoying Sodam's offerings!

Sodam's Other Offerings:

Korean Mixed Vegetables
Mixed Vegetables (Not sure what it's called)


Korean Calamares

Radish Soup
Kim Chi Soup
Kim Chi Soup


  • Lunch (Mon- Fri): Php 299
  • Dinner (Mon-Sun): Php 329
  • Lunch (Weekends): Php 329

Sodam's Contact Numbers

  • Landline: (02)654-6429
  • Globe: 09053934190

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