GIVEAWAY: PETA's 3 Stars and A Sun, A Musical Featuring Francis M's Hits

By Angel Macaraig - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I've always regretted not being able to watch Rak of Aegis last year, so when I heard that PETA's staging another play entitled 3 Stars and a Sun, I told myself that I'm definitely not gonna miss this! In fact, tomorrow, February 17, I'll be watching it with my friends. Come join us! I'm sure it's worth it! 

To win 2 tickets, join the raffle below (See Rafflecopter). Two winners will be selected.
3 Stars and a Sun
PETA's 3 Stars and A Sun, A Musical Featuring Francis M's Hits

3 Stars and a Sun is a musical act that features the music of the late rap artist Francis M. It is set in dystopian period, Philippines (Pinasland) 70 years from now, when people are struggling to withstand and survive the extreme weather (heavy rainfall, strong hurricane, etc.). 

3 Stars and a Sun will be running at PETA Theater Centre from February 4 to March 6. See complete schedule below:

  • February 17, Wednesday, 8PM
  • February 18, Thursday, 8PM
  • February 20, Saturday, 8PM
  • February 21, Sunday, 3PM 
  • February 21, Sunday, 8PM 
  • February 23, Tuesday, 8PM 
  • February 26, Friday, 8PM 
  • February 28, Sunday, 8PM 
  • March 5 (3pm) Saturday, 3PM 

Ticket Prices
  • VIP: 1800
  • Orchestra Center: 1500
  • Orchestra Side: 1200
  • Balcony Center: 1500
  • Balcony Side: 800

How to join the raffle?

1. Like and share our Facebook post ( Make sure to include the following hashtags and link: #angelmacaraig #3starsandasun #francism #PETA
2. In the comment section, mention why you want to win, then tag as many friends as you can!
3. Submit your entries via Rafflecopter (See Raffle section of this article)


1. Contestants must be residing in the Philippines.
2. The promo runs only today, February 17, 2016, 11:30AM to 4:00PM.
3. The winner of this raffle will be announced on our Facebook page.
4. Winners will win 2 Balcony tickets each.


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