Motherhood so far!

By Angel Macaraig - Wednesday, December 07, 2022

My baby turned 6 months today. The day I went into labor and gave birth feels like yesterday. From day 1 when I felt so windang about motherhood, to 6th month when there are days that I feel like I have adjusted already, and some days that I feel otherwise (and yes, still windang). Every day is a different story.

Though there are lots of challenges, and never-ending adjustments, I just feel grateful to our Lord for giving us His greatest gift, our dear Penelope! Life has never been the same as pre-motherhood and I have happily embraced all these changes. ❤️

Solid food!

At 6 months, we started feeding Pen Pen solid food. Her first solid food was mashed papaya – probably one of the easiest food to offer to a 6-month old coz it would only require little preparation. 

We got COVID, for the first time!!

I remember talking to my colleague just a few weeks back — I was so proud to share that our family never got COVID. Haha! Then suddenly, it happened! Nasira ang record namin. Yikes!

Luckily, I am exclusively breastfeeding Pen Pen, which was a great factor in why she recovered quickly. Thank you, Lord, for the liquid gold! ❤️

We launched #WeekendsWithTheIcogos vlog!

Haha! Vlogging is one thing I wanted to try! It’s my way of documenting our memories as a family. I hope one day Pen Pen will get to see our videos! Haha!

It’s called #WeekendsWithTheIcogos coz it’s mainly about how we spend our weekends. We’re also busy with work on weekdays so there’s not much to share during those days.

Hope you guys can subscribe to my youtube channel (! LOL! Shameless plug!

That’s it so far! I have so much to share, but I need to take care of Pen Pen already. Til my next blog!



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