Welcoming our first baby, Penelope Janelle!

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, August 07, 2022

I frequented the pre-labor room at TMC two weeks before I gave birth to our little one. The first one was due to a minor accident  I tripped down the stairs (gosh, I was already 38 weeks pregnant then). Thank God, the baby and I were okay. The succeeding visits were due to contractions.

On June 6, I got admitted to the hospital. It was a really long day for us. At 2AM, I visited the pre-labor room because I was having contractions . The doctor said there were indeed contractions, however, my cervix was still close. I wasn't ready to deliver the baby yet so they sent me back home. 

When we arrived home, I noticed that I was bleeding already. I assumed it was probably just due to the IE. The bleeding didn't stop, so I went back to the hospital after a few hours. Little did I know that my cervix was already dilated at 4 cm. I got admitted right away. 

Meet Pen Pen!

After ten hours of labor, we welcomed our baby, Penelope Janelle. We call her Pen Pen! ❤️

I gave birth via NSD. She was 7lbs then. 🙈

Our first family picture

The excited first-time dad!

First latch

Remembrance of my first day of breastfeeding

Had no idea back then that it is challenging (yet fulfilling) to breastfeed. Hope I'll be able to continue breastfeeding Pen Pen long enough.

Thank you so much, Doctora, and the TMC Delivery Suite team who took care of me that day! ❤️

Glad we were able to document these precious moments! It's something I want to revisit from time to time, hence, the blog post.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with our dear Penelope Janelle! ❤️

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