My Saltar Experience at Celebrity Fitness BGC

By Angel Macaraig - Thursday, November 29, 2018

Celebrity Fitness – a comprehensive lifestyle-based fitness chain from Indonesia – finally makes its way to Manila at the 2nd Floor of One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 5th Avenue, BGC, right at the heart of the city’s evolving fitness hub. If you are akin to a one-of-a-kind fitness concept that will make every work out session feel like a party, where members are called Superstars and trainers, StarMakers – then this new club is the perfect place for you!

My Saltar Experience

Few weeks ago, I was invited to try Celebrity Fitness' Saltar program - a 60-min trampoline workout that's a first of its kind in the Philippines. I'm not really a type of person who loves to exercise, but since I got interested with its unique concept, I gave it a try.

Saltar - a Portuguese word which means "jump", is a type of workout that involves jumping exercises on a trampoline. At first, I was worried that I might slip while doing the workout. But since their trampolines are made of durable fabric & steel frames, I felt safe all throughout the session. It's also a plus that the instructor was full of energy, we all got motivated to give our best during the workout!

The workout seems easy when you look at it, but it's actually draining! Or it's just me, since I can't recall when was the last time I had a good workout prior this (haha)! Per session of Saltar can burn at least 600 calories, which is more or less equivalent to 2-hr run.

Saltar Video

Celebrity Fitness' Signature Programs

Celebrity Fitness offers a full range of unique Signature programs to get members to move and party with energy and positivity, including: 

1. Playground: a 35-minute class on the gym floor that incorporates a range of innovative functional equipment and adventurous game-based workouts.

2. Dance N’ Attitude (DNA): a 60-minute class, perfect for those who want to get their body grooving to the latest beats. 

3. Floating Yoga: a 60-minute class combining yoga, pilates, and functional movements in a suspended hammock.

4. Saltar: a 60-minute uber-fun trampoline workout. Saltar, which means ‘jump’ in Portuguese, is the first workout of its kind in the Philippines.

Membership Options

Who else has tried this workout? Let us know your experience by commenting below.

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