Angel Visits MOKU Store

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, April 23, 2017

They say that ART is the best way to relax and keep your mind off from your daily stress. In fact, I always find myself in a book store buying some art materials that I won't probably have time to use. Really wish I have more time for this. :((

Anyway, speaking of art materials, I just recently visited a very interesting store in San Juan called MOKU. The store basically offers Japanese and Korean-inspired school tools 2.0 and desktop accessories for kids, teens and even moms. 

Moku was established by Mira Uyco, a Digi-Preneur and a mother of two.

Moku (Fun.Functional.Finds)
Kudos to Moku team for the lovely interior!
MOKU art works! <3

MOKU's Products

MOKU Gel Crayons, Electric Sharpener, Electric Stapler

MOKU bags for kids!

MOKU pencil cases

Well my favorite MOKU products are the Gel Crayons, Waterbrush pen, and of course, the electric stapler. Loooookie, ISN'T THIS AMAZING????? 

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My first MOKU art work!

Hey, Spongebob. You're my very first MOKU art work (and definitely not the last)
I used MOKU Gel Crayons and Water Pen Brush

Closer look to my art work (please don't judge)

So proud of my art work LOL!!! Thanks MOKU for appreciating it. :)

Thanks Sandra for inviting me to your store. I really had fun!

172-A Mabini St., Addition Hills, San Juan City

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