Marikina Food Trip: Mogu Tree Noodle House + Crepeman Cafe

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, December 11, 2016

If you live near Marikina, it's a must that you try the popular restaurants at Lilac Street. We tried the Mogu Tree Noodle House and Crepeman Cafe, as recommended by my friends...

Marikina Food Trip: Mogu Tree Noodle House + Crepeman Cafe
Marikina Food Trip: Mogu Tree Noodle House + Crepeman Cafe

Mogu Tree Noodle House

It was timing that we were all in the mood for Laksa, a Malaysian noodle dish in coconut milk and curry soup base. I first tasted Laksa in Eat Fresh (located in San Juan City) and High Street Cafe (Shangri-La, The Fort). Since then, Laksa has become one of my favorites.

Mogu Tree Noodle House Menu
The Menu
Photo Source:
Aside from the noodle soup, Mogu Tree Noodle House also offers Dimsum and other short orders. Since it's a noodle house, we all ordered Laksa Noodles!! :) 

Check out the prices... Very affordable right?!! 

Choose your desired toppings!!!
The fun part here (next to eating) is you get to choose your own ingredients (toppings, type of noodles, and soup base: either Laksa or plain). I chose these:

Here's what I ordered

Can't wait to taste it!!

Yum yum yum!
Groupfie before anything else. LOL

  • Serving was generous, I couldn't even finish mine
  • The toppings blended well with the soup base; Liked the beef strips the most
  • The spicy Laksa soup has the right amount of kick
  • The noodles are just fine (average); Needs a little improvement

Mogu Tree Noodle House Location:
60-E Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Dessert Time at Crepeman Cafe!!

After our Laksa food trip, we all craved for something sweet. We tried the crepes at Crepeman Cafe.
Interior of Crepeman Cafe
Photo Credit: Grabbed from Crepeman Cafe's Facebook Account
What I loved about the Crepeman Cafe is that the place feels homey, cozy and comfortable. I felt relaxed while chitchatting with my friends. 

Unlike the usual crepes that I've tasted, Crepeman Cafe's crepes are crunchy. 

Selfie with PJ of +GIZGUIDEPH

Crepeman Cafe's Location:
56-E, Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina, Metro Manila

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