Nagsasa Cove x Capones Island Itinerary and Budget

By Angel Macaraig - Sunday, May 22, 2016

I've been to Zambales so many times already but never to the popular destinations located in San Antonio. When my friends asked me if I wanna join their Nagsasa Cove adventure, I became really excited for the following reasons:

(1) I've seen a lot of photos of the place online and it's undeniably beautiful!
(2) This secluded paradise is not crowded yet, unlike other mainstream destinations.
(3) And if ever I'll join them, it'll be my first time to camp! (yay, crossed it off my bucket list!)
Nagsasa Cove x Capones Island Itinerary and Budget
Nagsasa Cove x Capones Island
Photo Credit: Peter Jan Icogo

How to go to Nagsasa Cove?

1. Cubao to San Antonio or Olongapo (5 AM): Ride a bus from Victory Liner Cubao station heading to San Antonio. If you ran out of slots (like what happened to us, even if we arrived early at 4am), alternative route is Cubao to Olongapo.
Travel Time: 3 hours

2. Olongapo to San Antonio: Ride a bus from Olongapo bus station heading to San Antonio, Zambales.
Travel Time: 1 hour

3. San Antonio Municipal Hall to Pundaquit Beach: Ride a trike from San Antonio Municipal Hall to Pundaquit Beach.
Travel time: 15 minutes
Note: Before going to Pundaquit Beach, you may pass by the wet market near the municipal hall to buy everything that you'll need.

4. Pundaquit Beach to Nagsasa Cove: From Pundaquit Beach, ride a motorize boat to Nagsasa Cove. 
Travel time: Around 1 hour

Victory Liner Cubao Station
At Victory Liner Cubao Bus Station with teatro loves and friends <3
Bus ride from Cubao to Olongapo
Good morning, sunshine!
San Antonio, Zambales Municipal Hall
Arrived at San Antonio, Zambales (Municipal Hall)
San Antonio, Zambales Market
Heading to the market

Pundaquit Beach

The Pundaquit Beach is 10-15 minutes tricycle ride away from the market/ municipal hall. This is where we met the representative from Happy Travel and Tours to get the materials (tent, utensils, etc,) that we rented as part of the package. From Pundaquit beach, we rode a motorized boat that brought us to Nagsasa Cove. 

During our waiting time, we took a lot of pictures at Pundaquit Beach:
Pundaquit Beach
This view welcomed us!
Pundaquit Beach
Pundaquit Beach
Pundaquit Beach
I am so excited to see the beauty of Nagsasa Cove!!
Pundaquit Beach, Zambales
Selfie with my love!
Our vain moment was captured!
Our vain moment was captured! Thanks to PJ! :)

From Pundaquit Beach To Nagsasa Cove

Boat Ride to Nagsasa Cove
After the long wait, we were finally getting closer to our destination
Witnessed this scenic view while on our way to Nagsasa Cove
Witnessed this scenic view while on our way to Nagsasa Cove
Captured more photos along the way!!
Captured more photos along the way!!
Captured more photos along the way!!
Captured more photos along the way!!
It's beautiful, right?!!

Nagsasa Cove

We finally reached our destination! It's so beautiful here!
Good thing we went here on a Sunday. Most people who visited Nagsasa Cove were on their way back home!!

Prince Johnyol Campsite

The campsite
We rented a cottage for only Php 150
Preparing for lunch!!

Our tent!
Swimming time!
My not so sexy back! Enjoying the beautiful scenes at Nagsasa Cove <3
I would not let this trip pass without me striking a cool pose.
Me: "Shemay, ang bigat ko na!" 
Selfie with my love <3
Hi there friends <3
Sunset at Nagsasa Cove
Rows of Agoho Trees <3
It's getting darker here!
Photo Credit: PJ Icogo
My partner tried to do long exposure shot during the evening.
Photo Credit: PJ Icogo
Our mandatory group picture before leaving Nagsasa Cove
Groupfie with the girls!

Videos At Nagsasa Cove

Side Trip to Capones Island

Boat Ride to Capones Island
Capones Island
The water is so clear!! <3

Capones Island Panorama Shot
Credit: PJ Icogo
Capones Island and its white sand

Eating pinipig ice cream lol! Beating the heat!
Selfie raw :)
Totoong selfie na :)
Again, mandatory group picture with the gang!

Videos At Capones Island


Day 1
4:00 AM - Meet up at Victory Liner Cubao Station
5:30 AM - Departure to Olongapo, Zambales
9:30 AM - Arrival at Olongapo; Departure to San Antonio Zambales
10:30 AM - Arrival at San Antonio Municipal Hall
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM - Buy food at the wet market
11: 30 AM - Departure to Pundaquit Beach
11:45 AM - Arrival at Pundaquit Beach
12:00 NN - 1:00 NN - Boat ride to Nagsasa Cove
1:00 NN - Prepare for lunch
1:45 PM onwards - Late lunch, swimming time and other activities
5:00 PM - prepare for dinner

Day 2
8:00 AM - Breakfast, do other activities
10:30 AM - Departure to Capones Island
11:30 AM- Arrival at Capones
1:00 PM - Departure to Pundaquit Beach
2:00 PM - Tidy-up
2:30 PM - Departure to Manila

Expenses: Php 1588

Transportation (Cubao to Pundaquit Beach):

Bus from Cubao to Olongapo: Php 135
Bus from Olongapo to San Antonio: Php 44
Tricycle from San Antonio to Pundaquit Beach: Php 30

Transportation (Pundaquit Beach to Ortigas):

Tricycle from Pundaquit Beach to San Antonio: Php 30
Bus from San Antonio to Olongapo: Php 44
Bus from Olongapo to Ortigas: Php 218

Extra Fees:

Enviromental Fee: Php 30
Other Fee/s: Php 20 


Nagsasa Cove + Capones Island Package (Happy Travel and Tours): Php 850
Food Expense (Php 1956 for 9 pax): Php 217 per head

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