Exploring the Beautiful Cagbalete Island

By Angel Macaraig - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SUMMER! It's the time of the year again when people are in search for perfect getaway places away from the metro! Most would think of Batangas or Subic, since they're around 2-4 hours drive away from Metro Manila. But, if you're willing to go farther, and prefer an uncrowded, underrated and budget-friendly escapade, Cagbalete Island might be perfect for you.

Exploring the Beautiful Cagbalete Island
Last summer 2015, my friends and I had a chance to witness the beauty of this paradise. Cagbalete Island is situated off the coast of Mauban, Quezon. 

Photo Credits: Some of the photos were taken by my friends Allysza, Ishmael, Steffi, etc.

How to get there?

1. Cubao to Lucena - We rode a JAC Liner Bus headed to Lucena Grand Terminal. Travel time is around 4 hours.

2. Lucena to Mauban - We rode a non-aircon bus from the Lucena Grand Terminal to Mauban. Travel time is around 2 hours.

3. Mauban to Cagbalete Island - We rode a tricycle from the drop off point in Mauban to Mauban port. If you're on tight budget, you may ride a public boat that will drop you off to Cagbalete (First trip is at 10AM). Otherwise, you may rent a private boat. Travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We rode a public boat to Cagbalete Island

The drop off point is near Cagbalete's Barangay Hall. From there, we trekked for around 15 minutes to reach Villa Cleofas - the resort where we stayed overnight. We rented their medium cottage worth Php 3500. We also paid Php 50 per head for the entrance fee.

In case you don't know, Cagbalete is a secluded island and electricity is only available from 6pm - 6am with the use of generators.

Photo at Villa Cleofas; Too bad I wasn't able to capture more photos of the resort

1st Day At Cagbalete: Enjoying Our Low Tide Adventure

We spent our first day enjoying the awesome low tide scenes of Cagbalete Island. Here are our photos:

We walked and walked and walked, then realized that we were already far from the shore. I can't feel the sea yet. Duh, LOW TIDE!
We were so tempted to go farther!
Photo with my friend, Marnelle! 
What's up bru?
Our shadows (PJ & Angel)
What a beautiful low tide scene it was! Picture perfect!
Photo with mylabs! <3
More low tide photos
More low tide photos 
More low tide photos

2nd Day: Island Hopping

What can I say? Crystal clear water, very fine sand, breathtaking view of the sea, etc. <333 I'm in love!
Getting ready, wooooh!!
At last we can feel the sea now!!! (low tide, no more)
Mangrove tree in the middle of the sea 
Perfect spot to take a picture. I regret not being able to do this :(
Here's another shot
Groupfie with my friends <3
Hello love birds! <3
Ishma's underwater shot
Snorkeling Area
Snorkeling with my friends
Hi there, Mane!
Ang pag-iinarte, bow.
Ishma, Stef and Mane


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