Intimate House Blessing

By Angel Macaraig - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

One of our greatest blessings this year is our humble abode! It was five months before our wedding when PJ and I decided to get a pre-selling house and lot. 

After how many nights of searching via FB marketplace, we found a property that is not so far from the metro - a few km and minutes away from our parents' house in Pasig, and just around 10 km far from Ortigas CBD where my office is situated.

The day when we paid our reservation fee for the house! 

The day rin na sinabi namin na ready na kami magdildil ng asin, but thank you Lord, we were still able to eat properly, LOL!

After more than a year from the date of reservation (and more than 6 months of construction), we finally moved in last Feb 5, 2022. I'd like to share our moving-in experience - the process we had to go through, but maybe, it will be in another blog entry. I can still feel how tired we were during the process - to think that I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant at that time. Wew!

Though we are still in the process of renovating our home - construction of fence, gate, and kitchen extension, we thought of having our house blessed immediately. We did it one weekday in March 2022 during lunchtime (since my husband and I had work that day). Good thing there's a parish nearby, hence, doing the house blessing at lunchtime was feasible.

Family pics (with Sunny and Baby in my tummy)!

It would have been better if we were able to invite our immediate families and close friends to celebrate with us. But since there's still COVID, we had no choice but to have an intimate celebration. We're still hoping to have a housewarming party after the renovations (and probably after I give birth).

Thank you Fr. Von for gracing our house blessing! Thank you to my husband for working so hard for this blessing. Our home is just small and simple, but this is the fruit of our combined pure hard work and prayers. Above everything else, thank you, Lord!!!

Btw, I created a new IG account where I post all our home improvement and fam stuff! Please follow

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