10 Fun Facts About Angel Macaraig

Saturday, February 06, 2016

10 Fun Facts About Angel Macaraig:

Angel Macaraig

1. Angel Macaraig, the owner/founder of www.angelmacaraig.com is also a contributor to one of the top tech blogs in the Philippines, Gizguide / www.gizguide.com

2. She's a Business Analyst during weekdays, MBA (Master in Business Administration) student on Saturdays  and a blogger everyday. She's a Bosconian and Thomasian forever!

3. She dreams to travel the world for the love of food and photography.

4. Angel is 3/4 extrovert and 1/4 introvert. You will usually see her introvert side every morning, when she prefers to just stay quiet and listen to music while travelling to work. 

5. She loves things with "cat" prints but is ironically afraid of real cats (or pets, in general).

6. She loves anything that's colorful and cute. She also collects notebooks!

7. She has a weird but super fun "life checklist" that you will one by one discover as you follow her blogging journey.

8. Since she was young, she enjoys doing extra-curricular activities like joining a theater org or dance group. 

9. She wears dress most of the time because she's too lazy to mix and match clothes. Anyone can relate?

10. Angel hopes to inspire people through blogging positive things about life. She believes that happiness is a choice, and you are the author of your own HAPPY LIFE.

❤ Angel Macaraig

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